About Our Business

We are a family owned business.  We're located in Little Elm, Texas.

Our vision is to make your special event something to remember.  

Together we can make it an event that your family and friends will
talk about for years.
We started out as two people that went into our neighborhood
restaurant/bar on Friday and Saturday nights
to eat dinner and listen to other people sing. After about a year of
doing this some friends decided that we
should all get together and celebrate by having a birthday party
there.  It was a night to remember.  We are no
longer known as the couple that sits in the corner table eating
dinner and being very quite and discrete.  We
are now know as the couple that parties and is there to have a good
time.  That was the beginning of new
friends and KARAOKE.....

We've been doing this since 2005 and love every
minute of it.

We decided that we wanted to help others feel the joy and have as
much fun as
we did and continue to have with all our friends.

Keep checking our website for upcoming events in 2016...

Believe me once we get the party started, things will never be the
About Us